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Juul Limited Edition And Classic 5% Nicotine Salt Replacement Pods – Pack of 4
Purchase your limited edition Juul Pods today. These pods are a very popular in the JUUL line of products but also in the growing pod system world.The new Juul pod flavors include a couple of somewhat traditional flavors, menthol, tobacco, and newly introduced cool cucumber. A pack of Juul pods comes with 4 pods, each of which contains 0.7 milliliters of juice. At 5 percent nicotine, each pod is equivalent to approximately 1 pack of conventional cigarettes – or 20 cigarettes / 200 puffs.  Get yours while supplies last!


Cool Cucumber
Subtle cucumber with a hint of mint. The cool cucumber is a light and refreshing juice with a long lasting and crisp aftertaste.

Classic Menthol
Traditional menthol flavor with brisk finish. Classic Menthol is a new, experimental take on the traditional and extremely popular Mint pods.

Classic Tobacco
Familiar, robust tobacco flavor with aromatic notes. Classic Tobacco is a new, experimental take on the traditional and extremely popular Virginia Tobacco pods.

Fruit Medley
peaches, grapes, and berries with herbal notes

Cool Mint
crisp peppermint with a soothing aftertaste

Creme Brulee
vanilla cake and creamy custard

Virginia Tobacco
rich unmistakable American tobacco

ripe mango with a hint of tropical fruit

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